Point of Sale & Billing

POS Supermarket Software

Point of Sale (POS) in eFacto Supermarket Software is easy to use, fast, accurate and reliable software solutions for retailers in India, Delhi NCR. Users get friendly GUI, non GUI like billing experience, shot cut keys based billing operations. Software has capability to handle huge number of barcodes and large number of POS terminal with the help of RDBMS.

POS Supermarket Software supported POS devices

  • Customer Pole Display
  • Receipt Printer
  • Barcode Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Touch POS
  • Integrated with Card Swipe Machine
  • Payment Mode includes Payment Wallets
  • Integrated with third party Loyalty Programme
Types of Schemes Applicable while billing
  • Instant Scheme
  • Happy Hour Scheme
  • Scheme on Single product
  • Scheme on variant Products
  • Schme on Total Bill Value
  • Special Discount & Price based on buy qty
Process Summary
  • Day Activity
  • Counter Activity
  • Bill Hold
  • Bill Recall
  • Bill Transfer to Other Counter
  • Multiple prices
  • Access based credit sale
  • Return & Exchanges
  • Monitor Counter Activity
  • Counter Handover
Key Features
  • Mouse fee operations.
  • Short cut keys for fast billing.
  • Quick item search.
  • Quickly find items in lines.
  • Auto rounding of total bill value.
  • User access based bill discount
  • Instance applicability of schemes