Planning Retail Software

Planning & Purchase in eFacto retail software gives insite of stock at all the retail outlets along with at central wharehuse, gives how much to purchase and from which vendor. How much to purchase i..e required qty is calculated based on factors like stock in hand, daily average sales, inventory re-order level, seasons and festivals, packing qty etc.

Unique and detailed vendor contract helps gorcery store owner to purchase at the lowest rate and also minimize the cost by getting extra purchase benefits like incentive based on targets, cash discount (TOT) on purchase targets and display amount regularly. eFacto Software for Departmental Store maintains a non-financilal vendor ledger for the incurred income, which has to be claimed from vendor.

Some Key Features in Planning Retail Software

  • Purchase rate history at purchase entry.
  • Alerts when current purchase price is more than previous one.
  • Auto apply scheme discounts and cash discounts from contracts.
  • Price based batch no. generation for each line item.
  • Checks and validations on price like selling price can not be less than cost or MRP.
  • Displays achieved target at planning stage
Process Summary
  • Vendor Contract
  • Requirement Planning
  • Purchase Order Generation
  • Gate Entry
  • Purchase Receipts
  • Return
Vendor Contact For
  • Margin - Markup & Markdown
  • Specific Product Margin
  • Target
  • Cash Discount
  • Display