Grocery Packing Software in Retail

Re-Making software module in eFacto allows to perform complex backend inventory management operations like bulk item breaking into smaller packing, which is suitable for making your own packing of sugar, rice and pulses. Another processes of re-making is making small packing from multiple items, which is suitable for making your own spices, mixture, sets etc. Sets can also be broken, which is reverse process of making. These processes are based on predefined recipe.

Grocery Packing Software features

  • Packing of Grains, Spices, Dry Fruits
  • Making Gift Packs for Celerations & Occasions
  • Making of own spices packing
  • Purchase in bulk and make your own packing
  • Define Packing & Raw Item
  • Link raw (bulk) item with Packing Item
  • Define Handling Loss%
  • Create Packing Slip
  • Define receipe (BOM)
  • Generate Making Order
  • Make Product
  • Auto Manage Inventory