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Sales and Distribution module in eFacto ERP Software helps organizations to manage the complete sales and distribution cycle from sales order generation to invoicing. It automates most commonly used functions of sales like Pricing, Order Management, Delivery Scheduling, Dispatch Advice, Invoicing etc. With eFacto ERP software for Sales and Distribution you can make your sales process more efficient by improving delivery timings, minimizing cost and integrating sales module with other modules.


Perfect Order Management

Sales and Distribution in eFacto ERP Software helps you organization increase sales value, profit margins, and customer satisfaction level by automating the following sales processes:
  • Manage the complete sales order lifecycle from order-to-cash.
  • Timely delivery of orders and cut time spent on checking orders and resolving late shipment issues.
  • Reducing or minimizing operational costs.


Achieving Sales Targets

Sales Target setting for marketing representative allows managements to monitor target achievement by individual marketing personnel. Sales target feature in the eFacto ERP software enhances the working of the sales and marketing department and ensures personnel are working towards meeting their sales targets.

Dispatch Control

Dispatch Control system in eFacto ERP software allows customer account/marketing manger to intimate finished goods store or shipment department to ship the order to customer as per details mentioned in the dispatch advice. This unique functionality allows organization to put in partial responsibility of dispatch on sales personnel, who is always in touch with customer for new orders as well as fulfilling of existing orders.


Export Shipment

eFacto ERP Software is fully capable of handling export sales related processes, invoice is generated in the currency specified in customer database and sales order. Export Sales bill passing process is used by accounts department to book sales in home currency as per exchange rate. The following export documents are generated from system:
  • Performa Invoice
  • Letter of Credit
  • Export Invoice and Packing List

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eFacto is an ERP Software owned by BNG Infotech, which provides ERP software solutions to small and medium businesses. The company specializes in ERP solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing and Retail domains.
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