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Purchase and Procurement Management in eFacto Software is a complete software solution that standardizes your procurement cycle with focus on quality and cost. Company procure raw material, consumables and even fixed assets like automation equipment, machinery etc. at a lower price, within best possible time frame and with high quality standard. The authorization feature of indent and purchase orders maintain equilibrium in consumption and procurement


Purchase Only Required Goods

Based on material category, qty and value, authorization levels are configured during ERP Software configuration. Authorization privileges may be assigned from manager to top management level depending upon purchasing category. The Purchase Order generation is only possible one indent is authorized. This feature of eFacto ERP system helps in controlling unnecessary purchases made in the organization.


Purchase from Approved Vendor

Based on indenting requirement, quotations are called from various vendors and recorded in ERP System, eFacto Purchase Management module prepares a comparative chart with respect to price, taxes levied, payment terms and lead time. Vendor’s previous purchase history helps company’s internal purchase committee to select and approve appropriate vendor, who would supply goods at a lower price, earliest time frame and at a comfortable payment terms.


Purchase at Right Time and Right Goods

Inventory levels (minimum, maximum and reorder) and Indent Authorization features of eFacto ERP Software allows company to purchase goods on time to prevent non availability of material in production floor or distribution channel. At the same time it prevents from making unnecessary purchase and Block Company’s fund in blocked inventory. Comparative chart features rationalize decision making process and enable procurement at a lower price with best quality.


Ensures Timely Delivery of Goods

Vendor follow-up and tracking feature lets you to be in touch with vendor and ensure that goods are reached in company’s premises on or before these goods required for manufacturing or distribution processes. Vendor follow-up history is maintained by capturing post purchase order communication, shipment progress, material ready date, and material actual shipment date in the eFacto ERP Software.


Sales Team Hierarchy

Only sales person is able to view leads generated by him or assigned to him and further follow-ups and reports are also linked to sales person attached with lead. A sales representative is able view only his and his sub ordinates CRM data, like wise a territory manager is able to view his and all the sales representatives reporting to him, similarly company’s sales head is able to view whole data

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eFacto is an ERP Software owned by BNG Infotech, which provides ERP software solutions to small and medium businesses. The company specializes in ERP solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing and Retail domains.
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