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eFacto ERP Software for Manufacturing Processes is a production management solution suite that manages the complete manufacturing operation, from work order and route card to shop floor control, quality control, and job progress tracking. With support for multiple manufacturing processes, including Engineer to Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Make to Stock (MTS), and more, you'll be able to improve process efficiency, reduce manufacturing time, control your production cost, better meet customer expectations, and speedup growth of your organization.


Supported Manufacturing Processes

eFacto Manufacturing ERP supports variety of production strategies, which makes it most suitable software for metal based industries, engineering industries and paper based industries. The following types of strategies:
  • Line Production
  • Assembly based
  • BOM based
  • Formula based BOM


Cost Control

Controlling manufacturing cost is dream of every business house. Are these houses able to control it? Manufacturing Cost can only controlled by putting right Manufacturing ERP Software. eFacto ERP for Manufacturing Industry allows to control by variety of effective controls like reduction in manpower (by way of re utilizing data), analyzing rejection and wastages at shop floor, analyzing work force efficiency etc.


Operational Expenses Control

Operational expenses are always booked from base document against material received or services availed by the organization. eFacto Operational expenses control system links bill passing process with material received in store, thus chances of excess expenses booking are eliminated.


Timely Delivery

eFacto ERP Software for Production provides variety of reports which ensures right time delivery to customers. These reports includes:
  • Delayed Job
  • Near shipment Jobs
  • Scheduled vs. actual time line.


Easy Tracking

eFacto ERP’s unique job tracking feature provides top level management to look at complete production status in a single screen. The single screen tracking provides information on various parameters like Customer, PO, order no., Job No. etc. The information is shown in summarized form and drill down functionality provides up to sub stages and entry date and shipment details.

About BNG Infotech

eFacto is an ERP Software owned by BNG Infotech, which provides ERP software solutions to small and medium businesses. The company specializes in ERP solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing and Retail domains.
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