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Retail for Supermarkets

eFacto KAPS is a Retail Management Software for supermarkets, large departmental stores and hyper markets. The POS operations are optimized and system supports large number of concurrent users.

Purchase Module


Purchase module functions in eFact Retail Management Software includes Purchase Order, Goods Receipts, Vendor Schemes, Display and more..

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Schems and Promotions

Schemes & Promotions

eFacto POS Management Software provides variety of scheme options, which includes free items, special rates, and discounts.

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POS Software

Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) functions in eFacto Retail Software includes counter operations, billing, bill hold, cash tender, scheme applicability etc.

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Accounts Module

Accounts & Finance

Accounts module is integrated with purchase, sales and receipts processes. Real time accounting transactions are created on generation of basic transaction.

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CRM Software

Customer Relationship (CRM)

CRM for retail organization allows to capture basic customer data at the time sale. The customer data can be altered by feeding additional information on central server. Messages are sent to customers using SMS gateway on his/her first time arrival to your store or on birthday, anniversary or festivals. Gift vouchers and Loyalty Programme are also part of eFacto CRM Software.

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Rmake via receipe


Re-Making software module in eFacto allows to perform complex backend inventory management operations like bulk item breaking into smaller packing, which is suitable for making your own packing of sugar, rice and pulses. Another processes of re-making is making small packing from multiple items, which is suitable for making your own spices, mixture, sets etc. Sets can also be broken, which is reverse process of making. These processes are based on predefined recipe.

About BNG Infotech

eFacto is an ERP Software owned by BNG Infotech, which provides ERP software solutions to small and medium businesses. The company specializes in ERP solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing and Retail domains.
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