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Accounts Module

Finance and Accounts Management in eFacto ERP Software provides strong expense management and control, offers streamlined revenue management, increase cash inflow and control cash out flow. It integrates with all financial related functions like purchase, purchase return, sales invoice, sales return to streamline and build a strong financial platform for the organization.It fulfils all the obligations related to statutory and legal complains of the organizations.


Expenses Monitoring

eFacto financial management ERP Software provides variety of ways to take control over administrative expenses of the company and assign responsibilities to select people in the department, these measures include:
  • Expense budget MIS tools enables the organization to monitor the budgeted vs actual expenses and take necessary step for those expenses in which actual expenses are more than budgeted.
  • Implementation of Cost Center across the organization leads to better monitoring of expenses divisions, sub divisions and particular head wise. This tool finally helps in reducing administrative expenses.


Credit Control Management

Fixing customer credit limit, alerts on outstanding for more than permitted credit days, outstanding reminder emailing are some of the basic tools available in eFacto ERP Software for finance management to monitor and control receivable accounts. These functionality help in fast recovery of funds and making organization cash rich.


Operational Expenses Control

Operational expenses are always booked from base document against material received or services availed by the organization. eFacto Operational expenses control system links bill passing process with material received in store, thus chances of excess expenses booking are eliminated.


Revenue Accounting

Organizations using standalone software system for accounting, sales, purchase etc, face challenge of variance in figures of both the systems, which leads to revenue loss to the company. eFacto ERP Software automatically generates financial transaction as and when an invoice is raised, thus ensures that no debtors are missed out and company’s revenue is intact.

About BNG Infotech

eFacto is an ERP Software owned by BNG Infotech, which provides ERP software solutions to small and medium businesses. The company specializes in ERP solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing and Retail domains.
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